RIP Dennis Netto, aka "Dennis Erectus."

It recently came to my attention that Bay Area radio has lost a local legend. Dennis Erectus passed away in June of last year at the age of 62. He had struggled with brain damage after being felled by a major heart attack on Thanksgiving of 2008. For many years, Dennis did his show on San Jose's iconic KOME, originally broadcasting evenings but later moving to the morning drive slot. His shtick was what became known as that of the "shock jock" long before anyone knew who Howard Stern was.

That whole "taking pictures at concerts" thing.

After nearly wetting my pants at hearing the news that Neutral Milk Hotel mastermind Jeff Mangum would be performing at our beloved Phoenix Theater here in Petaluma, I experienced a mild pang of disappointment at the footnote that no photography would be allowed at the show, including cell phones. I have a cigar box full of ticket stubs dating back to 1981 or so, but with the rise of electronic ticketing, the increase in the number of paper stubs going into that box seems to be plummeting. I don't always want to shell out $25 to add to the quintillion or so t-shirts already stacked in my closet.